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20310 Empire Ave, Suite A103, Bend, OR 97703

Sonos Neurotherapies is located in downtown Bend. Where can I park?

We have a small parking lot behind the building, but a lot of the spots are reserved. You may park in any spot labeled “OPEN,” “VISITOR,” or any that are unmarked. There is free parking on the street in front of the building. The downtown parking garage is about a block and a half away, and you can park there for free. PLEASE do not park in any of the other parking spots that are marked with numbers. These spots are paid for and reserved for by other businesses in the building. Your car may be towed at your expense if you park in a reserved spot.

Is your office ADA accessible?

We have one ADA parking spot and a ramp up to the building. We do not have a button to automatically open the doors. Please come with someone who can assist you or contact us once you arrive, so we can open the doors for you.